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The demand for skilled technologists is the challenge of our day. Meanwhile, new engineering careers are stifled by entry-level jobs that require 1-3 years of experience and four-year degrees. Exelaration bridges this gap by opening the door to a fulfilling career for aspiring developers through accelerated tech training.

While participants gain a new career, businesses and communities gain world-class software solutions and vetted engineers ready to integrate into the tech workforce from day one of program completion.

How Our Workforce Training Works

Since 2009, Exelaration has employed early career software engineers and technology enthusiasts to build software for real clients. Under the guidance of industry experts, new engineers are trained, tech solutions are delivered, and careers are launched through the power of experiential learning. As the #2 technology and engineering internship in the U.S, Exelaration has a proven track record of delivering world-class software while producing virtuoso developers.

Businesses and communities can employ this program to build their tech workforce. The process is simple:

  1. Prospective participants complete their application and learn development essentials
  2. Selected applicants join the Exelaration team for a paid, full-time software developer role for 12-20 weeks.
  3. Throughout the program, participants work with Exelaration’s expert tech consultants on real client projects to learn skills in software development, testing, and more.
  4. Following the program, participants are highly equipped to pursue a long-term career in the tech field.

The Arlington Talent Pilot Program: A Success Story

About the Arlington Talent Pilot Program

In 2022-2023, Arlington Talent Pilot Program helped aspiring software engineers gain the essential skills and experience they need to grow their careers by connecting them with Exelaration for a temporary, full-time paid role. In partnership with Arlington Economic Development, Exelaration invited Arlington, Virginia, residents to apply for an experiential learning opportunity focused on preparing for the next step in their professional journey.

The results of the Arlington Talent Pilot Program speak for themselves:

  • An average 26% pay increase for all participants, which will continue to increase with time
  • An average increase of 11 working hours, or 38% work rate increase, per week
  • A 100% program completion rate
  • 80% of participants are now full-time tech employees.

Program Partners


Featured Learner

Munira Tabassum
Prior to joining the Arlington Talent Pilot Program, Munira completed her Master’s in Applied Information Technology at George Mason University. She joined the program to learn from industry experts and enhance her portfolio as an IT professional. Munira plans to explore all aspects of software development and combine her knowledge of data analytics, human-computer interaction, and metadata to build new products or work as a project manager. Since completing the program, Munira has continued working full-time as a developer for an Exelaration client.

“Exelaration has made it easy to improve my skillset and help me grow as an engineer. It’s an amazing place to start your tech career, where you are valued while gaining experience with industry experts.”