Meet the Exelaration Team Members

Featured Alumni

Katheryn Rizek, Class of ’20

Katheryn studied Industrial and Systems Engineering at Virginia Tech. Here, she learned the importance of process improvement, which she could then apply to Agile principles when joining Exelaration. Katheryn joined Exelaration the summer after her sophomore year and stayed through graduation. She learned much about full-stack software development and Agile methodologies and got to work on projects with private companies, the federal government, and non-profits. The projects utilized technologies ranging from JavaScript, Java, Ruby, and Python. Today, Katheryn is a Senior Consultant with Excella where she is supporting the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau with their software for responding to consumer complaints about financial institutions.


“Exelaration opened me up to a career in software development that I never thought I could achieve. I had previously taken a computer science class in college with hundreds of other students and finished the course thinking a career in tech was not for me. Through a friend, I found the XC and quickly and passionately learned key software development principles through their supportive, hands-on teaching style.”


Dan Nguyen, Class of ’20

Dan studied Industrial and Systems Engineering at Virginia Tech, a field that helped him develop both technical and soft skills in numerous areas. Even though academic obligations and campus involvements kept him busy, Dan went above and beyond in order to pursue new challenges and experiences. For the latter half of his undergraduate career, Dan joined Exelaration where he began an adventure in the world of full-stack software development and Agile methodologies. Today, Dan is a GPS Analyst at Deloitte, where he applies all of his past experiences to make lasting contributions to the firm, putting his technical and soft skills to use.


“The XC exposed me to a lot of different languages, frameworks, and technology. It helped me to become more confident in my technical abilities.”

Current Learners

Eric Enkhbold Bayarsaikhan

Arlington Talent Program


Eric earned his bachelor’s degree at Mongolian Science and Technology University. He also attended a software tester (SQAE) boot camp for six months where he learned Java and Software testing skills. Eric joined the Arlington Talent Pilot program because he saw it as a once in a life time opportunity. He is most excited for the mentorships and experience with real projects. Previously, Eric worked in the food service industry and the granite and marble industry. Eric is thrilled to learn more about software development and hopes to become a great tester.


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Liam Cespedes

Arlington Talent Program


Liam is a junior software engineer who went to Radford University and graduated with a degree in Computer Science. Liam is excited about participating in this program because he thinks it’ll be a great experience to work with people who are experts in the industry. He is eager to learn new skills and apply the skills he has gained throughout his career. Liam used to work in food service at a movie theater and as a cashier, but his passion lies in software development and working with computers. Liam’s dream job is to work at Google.




Matthew Enzinna

Virginia Tech


Matthew Enzinna is a senior at Virginia Tech studying computer engineering with a focus on chip scale integration. Matthew joined Exelaration in spring 2021 to work with the Blue Tractor Group, helping run DevOps for the company’s Alpha Shielding software. In his spare time, Matthew enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons with friends as well as a good jog.


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Joshua Fay

Arlington Talent Program


Joshua Fay is a senior at George Mason University achieving his Bachelor of Computer Science. After his brief time as a programming tutor, he is incredibly excited to get firsthand, guided experience in the field he is studying. While not at work or on campus, Josh is normally preparing for the weekly TTRPG game he hosts. His dream job would be a management position for a software development team, where he can use the leadership skills he has learned from army ROTC to keep projects organized and support his team.

Jiewulan Mainiwaer

Arlington Talent Program


Jiewulan began learning programming from online resources and courses such as Udemy and Codecademy. He joined the Arlington Talent Program as a way to gain more experience in the field. He is thrilled to learn from team members’ knowledge and experiences. By then end of this program, Jiewulan is excited to become an experienced full stack developer.

Abdul Omotosho

Virginia Tech


Abdul Omotosho is a freshman at Virginia Tech studying computer science with a passion for code. He joined Exelaration after attending an engineering expo where he met the team and found likeminded individuals who saw code as fun and exciting. Outside of working at the XC, Abdul develops personal projects to improve his skills. He also loves exploring new places and trying new foods. Abdul dreams of becoming a software engineer for an influential company at the forefront of groundbreaking software and technology.


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Vanessa Rivero

Arlington Talent Program


Vanessa is a well-rounded, powerhouse individual who maintains an innate appreciation for learning and self-improvement. She aims to continually challenge herself and she always strives to better improve her character, both in her personal life and professional work. Reflecting on her personal passions for education and youth mentorship, she appreciates the guiding mission and corporate culture exuded by Exelaration. Vanessa hopes to build on her talents and establish strong network connections in order to carve out her own space in the technology industry.

Connor Roth

Virginia Tech


Connor Roth is a sophomore at Virginia Tech pursuing a major in computer science with a minor in human computer interaction. He joined Exelaration fall of 2021 and has since helped to develop software with a small team of interns and professionals. In the future Connor looks to learn more about UX/UI design and become a contractor or software engineer. Outside of Exelaration, Connor is a member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity where he loves to make memories and become a more balanced man. In his free time, he enjoys lifting weights, cooking, and spending time with his friends.


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Sean Rowan

Arlington Talent Program


Sean is currently a computer science student at the University of North Carolina – Charlotte. He has a passion for people and developing great technology. Previously, Sean started a programming club at his school and taught at a local coding bootcamp. His ultimate goal is to own a successful technology company one day, so he is eager to gain valuable experience in professional software development to make that dream a reality.


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Daniel Setareh

Virginia Tech


Daniel Setareh is a computer science student at Virginia Tech who enjoys building software for user enjoyment. At VT, he currently helps maintain the Wireless@VT Testbed (CORNET), involving management of hosts and spinning up new VM’s for student projects. He chose to join the Exelaration team because it offers him the opportunity to write code for clients to use in real world scenarios.


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Santiago Solis

Virginia Tech


Santiago Solis is a rising senior at Virginia Tech majoring in computer engineering with a focus in chip scale integration. Throughout his undergraduate career, Santiago has been involved with Latin Link, a Latinx cultural organization. He is the current President of Out in STEM, an organization that provides academic and professional resources to queer students. During his free time, Santiago is a photographer and enjoys going to the gym and playing games with friends. In the future, he hopes to work with embedded systems in a biomedical world.


Nathan Sudduth

North Carolina State University


Nathan Sudduth is a computer science student at NC State University studying software engineering and game design. After graduation, he plans to attend grad school at NC State to further his study of computer science. Outside of work and school, Nathan is a novice game developer and a club leader for The Smash Ultimate Club at NC State, in which he runs tournaments and other events for charity with players of Super Smash Bros Ultimate.


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Munira Tabassum

Arlington Talent Program


Munira recently finished her Master’s in Applied Information Technology this fall with a perfect CGPA in her concentration “Data analytics and Intelligence methods” from George Mason University. Munira is excited to learn from industry experts and believes it will give her the opportunity to enhance her portfolio and skillset as an IT professional. She plans to explore all aspects of software development expertise and combine her knowledge of data analytics, big data, HCI, and metadata to build new products and services or work as a project manager.

Daniel Tran

Virginia Tech


Daniel Tranis a Virginia Tech student studying computer science. He’s involved in Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity where he participates in philanthropic events and serves his community. He also enjoys playing sports and cooking by learning new recipes. Daniel chose to join Exelaration due to the welcoming atmosphere and strong mentorship program. He feels it is unique from any other company. Post-graduation, he hopes to gain a full-time Software Developer position at a sustainable business and place investments in different businesses.


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Brian Trickovic

Arlington Talent Program


Brian is a freshman studying computer science at Northern Virginia Community College. He is excited to help find creative solutions to clients’ complex problems and experience the tangible impact his work has throughout the program. In the past, Brian has taught programming & technical concepts as an after-school instructor to K–12 students at various schools in the Northern Virginia region. He also worked in customer service roles. Brian’s dream job is to work in a software engineer role for Amazon in Crystal City.


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Mark Washington

Arlington Talent Program


Mark is very excited about being a part of the Arlington Talent Program as well as working with his future coworkers and mentors. Being in one of the fastest growing professions, he looks forward to making his mark in this industry. Mark is a proud army veteran and an even prouder father of 4. He has worked the last 15 plus years as a barber. During that time, he has had the opportunity to interact and converse with all kinds of people in from so many different backgrounds. Mark’s dream job would be in a mentorship role for anyone who’s as excited about tech as he is.

Harold Wolfinger

Arlington Talent Program


Harold Wolfinger enjoys learning, playing, and being challenged, so he is excited to team with Exelaration. He is grateful for Arlington County’s partnership in driving this opportunity, especially since his experience in technology consists primarily with the architecture, implementation, and end user training of the Microsoft stack. Harold owes much of his success to principles developed from key influences and professional relationships, and his focus is on accelerating his capacity to reciprocate those investments. He trusts Exelaration’s mission, leadership, and corporate culture, and believes its model should be scaled.


Sandy Yeung

Arlington Talent Program


Sandy is a Master of Computer Science student at Georgia Institute of Technology. She joined Exelaration in the fall of 2022 to sharpen her software development skills and make a positive real-world impact. She has a passion to work as a software developer and create products people will love and want to use. Outside of Exelaration, Sandy enjoys playing guitar, learning new languages, and trying new foods.


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