Meet the Exelaration Team Members

Featured Alumni

Dan Nguyen, Class of ’20

Dan studied Industrial and Systems Engineering at Virginia Tech, a field that helped him develop both technical and soft skills in numerous areas. Even though academic obligations and campus involvements kept him busy, Dan went above and beyond in order to pursue new challenges and experiences. For the latter half of his undergraduate career, Dan joined Exelaration where he began an adventure in the world of full-stack software development and Agile methodologies. Today, Dan is a GPS Analyst at Deloitte, where he applies all of his past experiences to make lasting contributions to the firm, putting his technical and soft skills to use.


“The XC exposed me to a lot of different languages, frameworks, and technology. It helped me to become more confident in my technical abilities.”

Current Student Team Members

Sheena Deivasigamani

Sheena Deivasigamani is a junior at Virginia Tech focusing on computer engineering, and hopes to join the chip icale focus. She joined Exelaration in spring of 2020 and loves learning about different frameworks and languages. She is currently working on the CGA team with Allen Tuggle and enjoys every moment of it. She is also an avid reader, a fan of board games with friends, being outdoors, messing about on her Arduino, and trying new things.


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Matthew Enzinna

Matthew Enzinna is a junior in Virginia Tech studying computer engineering with a focus on chip scale integration. Matthew joined Exelaration in spring 2021 and is currently working with Blue Tractor to help run DevOps for the company’s Alpha Shielding software. Outside of Exelaration Matthew works as a residential advisor and with the Astrobotics design team at Virginia Tech. In his spare time, Matthew enjoys Dungeons and Dragons with friends as well as a good jog.


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Marah Ghanem

Marah Ghanem is a junior at Virginia Tech pursuing a major in industrial and systems engineering and a minor in mathematics. Pushing the boundaries of a traditional path in her major, she is passionately exploring the world of software development at Exelaration. She is also involved with building important communities on campus as she serves on the board of HackViolet, a female-empowerment hackathon, and as a Resident Advisor for freshmen engineering students. In her spare time, Marah loves to play board games with family and friends as well as develop her gardening and painting skills.


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Dana Gurland

Dana Gurland is a junior at Virginia Tech studying computer science, who joined Exelaration in spring of 2021. Having previously interned in government contracting and web development, she is excited to expand her knowledge by working with clients and building her software development skills alongside her Exelaration teammates. Outside of academics, Dana is on the leadership boards for Virginia Tech’s ultimate frisbee team and Relay for Life. In her free time, she enjoys exercising, painting, and enjoying time outdoors.


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Emily Haggard

Emily Haggard is a senior studying computer science at Virginia Tech with a wide variety of experience in technology, from web development to kernel programming, and even network engineering and cybersecurity. She is an active member of her community, having founded a cybersecurity club for middle schoolers. In her free time, she enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons and writing novels.


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Nicholas Hoang

Nicholas Hoang is a senior developer who joined Exelaration in fall of 2020. He began fixing and refurbishing computers from an early age and developed a passion for anything related it, convincing him to pursue a major in electrical engineering and a minor in computer science. Whether about software development or hardware design, he is always enthusiastic to learn new things. During his free time, he loves to play basketball, soccer, tennis or go hiking and exploring the wilderness.


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Michelle Hong

Michelle Hong is a sophomore studying computer science at Virginia Tech. She joined Exelaration in fall of 2021 and hopes to discover more ways to apply coding into everyday life with her Exelaration teammates. Outside of work, she loves to be a member of Soulstice A Cappella, an all-female acapella group. She also enjoys playing board games, baking, snowboarding, and spending time with her friends.

Jessica Ly

Jessica Ly is a senior majoring in industrial and systems engineering at Virginia Tech, with minors in computer science and creative writing. Having joined Exelaration in spring of 2020, she’s enjoyed the opportunities to learn and grow on different projects and teams. On campus, she is highly active in the Vietnamese Student Association, where she serves as the Internal Vice President, and the Consulting Group at Virginia Tech, where she is a Project Manager. In her free time, she loves cooking, board games, and embroidery.


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Madison Marshburn

Madison Marshburn is a senior at Virginia Tech majoring in computer science with a focus in secure computing. Her passion for software development and security began at a young age as she grew up watching her mom code. She joined Exelaration in spring 2021 and is excited to expand her development skills. Outside of school, she continues to pursue her passion for technology through the CS Squared club at VT, an organization that provides technology tutorials and assistance to Blacksburg senior citizens. In her spare time, Madison enjoys playing with her dog and hiking the trails around Blacksburg.

Liam McBride

Liam McBride is a sophomore at Virginia Tech majoring in computer science. He became interested in programming after learning game design with C# and Unity. From there, he decided he wanted to study computer science in college. Liam joined Exelaration in Fall 2021 and is excited to break into the industry and make an impact with software. In his spare time, Liam continues working on game design, running, and experimenting with 3D printing.

Meghana Mudunuri

Meghana Mudunuri is a senior in computer engineering at Virginia Tech focusing on software systems and cybersecurity. She joined Exelaration in spring of 2019 and since has had the opportunity to work with various clients and work on multiple projects helping develop her software skills. Her true passion is people and has pursued this by engaging in leadership from being a residential advisor and a peer leader of the engineering undergraduate mentor program at VT to being an officer for the Society of Women Engineers. She is excited to continue her journey at Exelaration as she expands her knowledge and skills.


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Rachael Sherbo

Rachael Sherbo is a sophomore studying general engineering at Virginia Tech, with an intended major of computer engineering. She joined Exelaration Spring of 2021 and has been developing her software skills. Rachael is an avid musical lover – her favourite being Wicked – and enjoys singing at all hours of the day. Rachael is also an artist, she likes to draw and loves to play the piano. When Rachael is not drowning in homework, you can often find her encapsulated in the world of Dungeons and Dragons.


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Prachi Tomar

Prachi Tomar is a senior at Virginia Tech majoring in mechanical engineering. She loves working with people and has leadership experience as a residential advisor. She has interests in robotics, detectors and sensors, and is currently working on research related to these with the Hume Center. She has experience in CAD Modeling, C++, and Arduino, and is currently working to sharpen her software development skills. She spends her spare time playing her guitar, reading books or learning new languages.


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Tam Vu

Tam Vu is a junior at Virginia Tech pursuing a major in computer science and minors in human computer interaction and visual arts.  She joined Exelaration in fall of 2020 and has been eager to grow her software development skills with real world experience. She also has a passion for design. She is a UX/UI Designer on the Eidolon Virtual Reality game team at Virginia Tech, and enjoys making graphics as a hobby. She is also serving as a Computer Science Ambassador as well. In her free time, she enjoys reading fantasy novels and playing on her new switch.

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