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Featured Alumni

Dan Nguyen, Class of ’20

Dan studied Industrial and Systems Engineering at Virginia Tech, a field that helped him develop both technical and soft skills in numerous areas. Even though academic obligations and campus involvements kept him busy, Dan went above and beyond in order to pursue new challenges and experiences. For the latter half of his undergraduate career, Dan joined Exelaration where he began an adventure in the world of full-stack software development and Agile methodologies. Today, Dan is a GPS Analyst at Deloitte, where he applies all of his past experiences to make lasting contributions to the firm, putting his technical and soft skills to use.


“The XC exposed me to a lot of different languages, frameworks, and technology. It helped me to become more confident in my technical abilities.”

Current Student Team Members

Josh Cooper

Josh Cooper is a student at Virginia Tech studying industrial systems engineering. He chose to work at Exelaration after noticing the support and learning experience it provides. Outside of working at Exelaration, Josh enjoys building machine learning programs and playing Dungeons and Dragons. After graduation, Josh would like to work with a team of machine learning engineers and data scientist, or something similar.


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Aaron DiFilippo 

Aaron DiFilippo is a computer engineering student at Virginia Tech who is majoring in chip-scale integration. He joined Exelaration to learn about full-stack development and different frameworks. He is excited to expand his knowledge about the software development industry. Outside of Exelaration, Aaron is an undergraduate learning assistant for the ECE department, helping students with embedded systems in class. After graduation, Aaron plans on gaining an accelerated master’s degree in computer engineering.


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Quinn Eggleston 

Quinn Eggleston is a computer science major pursuing a master of engineering at Virginia Tech. She interviewed with Exelaration during her undergraduate education, as she’d heard from word-of-mouth and career fair sources that the company offered an excellent environment and work experience. While she enjoys working with computing software in general, her dream job is to work somewhere in the video game industry with a similarly good environment to Exelaration.


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Michelle Hong

Michelle Hong is a sophomore studying computer science at Virginia Tech. She joined Exelaration in fall of 2021 and hopes to discover more ways to apply coding into everyday life with her Exelaration teammates. Outside of work, she loves to be a member of Soulstice A Cappella, an all-female acapella group. She also enjoys playing board games, baking, snowboarding, and spending time with her friends.

Nu Huynh

Nu Huynh is a junior at Virginia Tech pursuing a major in business information technology with a concentration in cybersecurity management and analytics. She joined Exelaration in the Fall of 2021 due to its stellar reputation in mentorship, helping students further their software development skills and gain real world experience. As a service & people-oriented person, she is especially excited to work with clients and with a team to deliver something valuable to them. Nu has a strong love for her culture; she serves as President of the Vietnamese Student Association at VT.


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Liam McBride

Liam McBride is a sophomore at Virginia Tech majoring in computer science. He became interested in programming after learning game design with C# and Unity. From there, he decided he wanted to study computer science in college. Liam joined Exelaration in Fall 2021 and is excited to break into the industry and make an impact with software. In his spare time, Liam continues working on game design, running, and experimenting with 3D printing.

Caleb McIrvin 

Caleb McIrvin is a student at Virginia Tech studying computer science. He joined Exelaration because he was looking to expand his knowledge of software development and gain practical experience in a client-focused working environment. Outside of Exelaration, Caleb enjoys playing volleyball and is a member of the Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning club. Caleb’s dream career is to work somewhere he can experiment with state-of-the-art machine learning models.


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Meghana Mudunuri

Meghana Mudunuri is a senior in computer engineering at Virginia Tech focusing on software systems and cybersecurity. She joined Exelaration in spring of 2019 and since has had the opportunity to work with various clients and work on multiple projects helping develop her software skills. Her true passion is people and has pursued this by engaging in leadership from being a residential advisor and a peer leader of the engineering undergraduate mentor program at VT to being an officer for the Society of Women Engineers. She is excited to continue her journey at Exelaration as she expands her knowledge and skills.


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Abdul Omotosho

Abdul Omotosho is a freshman at Virginia Tech studying computer science with a passion for code. He joined Exelaration after attending an engineering expo where he met the team and found likeminded individuals who saw code as fun and exciting. Outside of working at the XC, Abdul develops personal projects to improve his skills. He also loves exploring new places and trying new foods. Abdul dreams of becoming a software engineer for an influential company at the forefront of groundbreaking software and technology.


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Gabriel Ovalle

Gabriel Ovalle is currently an Exelaration intern in Blacksburg, VA. Taking a gap semester from the University of Cincinnati, Gabriel joined Exelaration because it was something he had never done before. He believes Exelaration’s process to be interesting and wanted to be a part of such a professional setting. Outside of Exelaration, Gabriel plays many instruments, practices kendo, and plays Dungeons and Dragons with friends. After graduation, Gabriel would love to work with hardware R&D.

Jacob Parvin 

Jacob Parvin is a sophomore at North Carolina State University pursing a degree in IT systems management. He joined Exelaration in the winter of 2022 to sharpen his software development skills and apply them in a real-world environment.  Jacob enjoys running, playing and making video games, reading, and hanging out with friends. Post-graduation, He hopes to pursue a career in backend development or information technology. 


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Tushar Patel

Tushar Patel is a computer engineering student at Virginia Tech with a secondary focus on chip scale integration. Outside of school he plays Quidditch for Virginia Tech and is currently the team’s treasurer. Tushar joined Exelaration knowing he wanted to be a part of a company that focused on building their interns’ skillsets rather than just putting them to work.

Connor Roth

Connor Roth is a sophomore at Virginia Tech pursuing a major in computer science with a minor in human computer interaction. He joined Exelaration fall of 2021 and has since helped to develop software with a small team of interns and professionals. In the future Connor looks to learn more about UX/UI design and become a contractor or software engineer. Outside of Exelaration, Connor is a member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity where he loves to make memories and become a more balanced man. In his free time, he enjoys lifting weights, cooking, and spending time with his friends.


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Lauren Scheerer

Lauren Scheerer is a freshman at Virginia Tech studying business information technology with a focus in cybersecurity management and analytics. She joined Exelaration in spring of 2022 to improve her software development skills by pursuing opportunities to work on different projects and teams. On campus, Lauren is involved in philanthropic organizations such as Pi Beta Phi fraternity for women, the Big Event, and the United Feminist Movement. She also enjoys playing clarinet, reading, and exercising in her free time.


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Daniel Setareh

Daniel Setareh is a computer science student at Virginia Tech who enjoys building software for user enjoyment. At VT, he currently helps maintain the Wireless@VT Testbed (CORNET), involving management of hosts and spinning up new VM’s for student projects. He chose to join the Exelaration team because it offers him the opportunity to write code for clients to use in real world scenarios.


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Rachael Sherbo

Rachael Sherbo is a sophomore studying general engineering at Virginia Tech, with an intended major of computer engineering. She joined Exelaration Spring of 2021 and has been developing her software skills. Rachael is an avid musical lover – her favourite being Wicked – and enjoys singing at all hours of the day. Rachael is also an artist, she likes to draw and loves to play the piano. When Rachael is not drowning in homework, you can often find her encapsulated in the world of Dungeons and Dragons.


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Prachi Tomar

Prachi Tomar is a senior at Virginia Tech majoring in mechanical engineering. She loves working with people and has leadership experience as a residential advisor. She has interests in robotics, detectors and sensors, and is currently working on research related to these with the Hume Center. She has experience in CAD Modeling, C++, and Arduino, and is currently working to sharpen her software development skills. She spends her spare time playing her guitar, reading books or learning new languages.


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Daniel Tran

Daniel Tranis a Virginia Tech student studying computer science. He’s involved in Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity where he participates in philanthropic events and serves his community. He also enjoys playing sports and cooking by learning new recipes. Daniel chose to join Exelaration due to the welcoming atmosphere and strong mentorship program. He feels it is unique from any other company. Post-graduation, he hopes to gain a full-time Software Developer position at a sustainable business and place investments in different businesses.


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Tam Vu

Tam Vu is a junior at Virginia Tech pursuing a major in computer science and minors in human computer interaction and visual arts.  She joined Exelaration in fall of 2020 and has been eager to grow her software development skills with real world experience. She also has a passion for design. She is a UX/UI Designer on the Eidolon Virtual Reality game team at Virginia Tech, and enjoys making graphics as a hobby. She is also serving as a Computer Science Ambassador as well. In her free time, she enjoys reading fantasy novels and playing on her new switch.

Louis Zhang

Louis Zhang is a student at Virginia Tech studying computer science. He chose to intern at Exelaration after noticing the dedication Exelaration gives to its interns. He found the interview process fun and knew it would be a welcoming place to work. Outside of Exelaration, Louis is a student leader in his ministry, Chi Alpha. He also enjoys playing frisbee, guitar, and going outside. Post grad, he is open to many opportunities. Whether he’s working at a large tech company or a start-up teaching STEM to underserved children, Louis is excited about the future ahead.


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