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Today’s software from tomorrow’s innovators

Exelaration makes world-class software for world-class organizations. And we do it by using your future workforce. Through our award-winning internship program, students gain hands-on experience while delivering high-quality technology solutions at a lower cost.

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Our Solutions

Building Your Talent Pipeline

We do the heavy lifting to ensure your future tech workforce is ready for success from day one.

Best Practice Software Development

Under the guidance of senior experts, our students build the software running top organizations.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Protect your bottom line by utilizing skillful student developers. Student teams add up to major cost savings.

Addressing the Tech Talent Deficit

Exelaration works to expand the U.S.’ tech workforce by inviting and training new participants.

We connect the next wave of innovative minds with authentic federal, commercial and nonprofit projects while keeping client costs low.

The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance, Compressed Gas Association, and Virginia Tech are just a few of the institutions using Exelaration to deliver high-quality technology solutions at a lower price point.

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