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Exelaration makes world-class software for world-class organizations. Our expert development team has engineered enterprise-level solutions for firms ranging from small startups to large agencies.

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Our Solutions

Best Practice Software Development

Our solutions are proven to reduce the overall time and cost of maintenance. Studies show that our code runs up to 80% more efficiently than the code we’ve inherited.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Led by senior engineers, our teams deliver world-class solutions for our clients. Our proven business model typically yields 30% cost savings by using top university tech talent.

Building Your Talent Pipeline

We train top students in essential skills to ensure your future workforce is ready for success from day one. That’s why our alumni’s retention rate is 80% higher than their peers.

Addressing the Tech Talent Deficit

With our added workforce, our clients have the confidence to complete their most pressing projects on their desired timeline while we work to solve the tech talent shortage.

We understand federal, commercial, and nonprofit organization’s unique technology challenges. Then we solve them.   

The Compressed Gas Association, Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance, and Peace Corps are just a few of the organizations utilizing Exelaration’s unique model to deliver superior long-term software solutions at a lower cost. Organizations looking to check off their IT to-do list, save money on their projects, or build a tech talent pipeline are perfect partners for Exelaration.

Our Work

Exelaration’s 2021 Vault Internship Rankings

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Our Clients Include: