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Our Mission Meets Your Mission-Critical Software

Top organizations engage Exelaration to design and build custom software to improve their business. Anchored by experts with decades of experience across a variety of tech stacks, we mobilize development teams of engineers from top university programs to complete real client projects.

We’ve delivered solutions for startups, Fortune 500 companies, federal agencies, non-profits, and associations. Exelaration clients unanimously cite our performance, communication, and capabilities as the reason they engage and re-engage us as their preferred technology partner, Agile advisor, and even fractional CTO.

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Introducing a New School of Thought

The future of technology depends on an abundant flow of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) students with the skills and experience to solve big challenges. Yet more than 700,000 tech roles currently sit vacant in the U.S. due to a dramatic gap in the tech talent pipeline.

Exelaration addresses this shortage by connecting people of varied backgrounds with the technology workforce. Our offices, located in Blacksburg, VA, Raleigh, NC, and Arlington, VA, invite the next generation of technologists to envision their future.

Through our award-winning program, learners gain hands-on experience and expand their skillsets under the mentorship of full-time experts. These high-achieving team members not only enhance our client delivery teams’ capabilities, they also help us deliver quality technology solutions at a lower cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do learners interact with clients? 
They don’t, at least not at first. The heart of Exelaration is our cohort of mentors, who serve as point of contact for client stakeholders. These mentors are full-time employees that have been developing software for decades.
How do you know Exelaration works? 
We’re the #2 Technology & Engineering Internship in the U.S. and our alumni are contributors and leaders at the nation’s top tech employers. We also measure client satisfaction by asking for a grade; our GPA currently stands at 3.8.
Does Exelaration do anything other than software development?
Software development is our primary deliverable, but our mentors are also experienced in data analysis, business analysis, DevOps, and Agile. When projects call for services beyond software development, we work with our client to determine an optimal source for those additional components.
Who is the ideal client for Exelaration?
Organizations looking to get software built. Exelaration clients enjoy the added capacity we provide to deliver more quality code to production.
Organizations looking to save money on technology. Outsourcing IT projects is expensive. Because our teams are partially fueled by students, our labor costs and fees are lower.
Organizations looking to build a tech talent pipeline. While they’re in our program, students get to know our client projects and environments. This gives our clients access to top engineering talent who’ve already been trained in their skillsets, culture, and framework.
Is your software lower quality? 
No. In fact, clients see lower defect rates and higher code coverage because we’re teaching best practices and proven principles, and we exemplify it on every project. Our expert mentor-engineers review all deliverables prior to client turnover, and we conduct extensive code reviews.
What type of projects are right for Exelaration? 
We are open to software development of any size or scope. We can work within a client team, or we can function as an independent outsourced team. Think of Exelaration as an onshore development team; if you could send the work overseas, you can send it to us.
How are Exelaration learners selected? 
We select our student team members from a large applicant pool we generate from many career fairs on participating campuses. Our program is highly competitive, with an average 12% student acceptance rate.

“Working with Exelaration resulted in a substantial cost savings for CGA without any compromise to product quality or timeliness; in fact, the students have been the catalysts for some significant value-added innovations on our project.”

– Laura Brumsey, VP of Operations at Compressed Gas Association

Our Clients Include: