World-Class Software for World-Class Organizations

Exelaration’s expert technologists have decades of experience helping clients meet business goals through custom software solutions. Whether updating legacy systems or bringing a first-ever MVP to market, Exelaration helps organizations large and small optimize their business performance through top-notch technology.

Where We Plug In

We’re comfortable working as a turnkey IT provider, or as a tightly integrated component of your team.
Exelaration aligns with your schedule and plugs in wherever you need us:


What We Do

Software Modernization

Your legacy system may have served you well, but has it grown with you? Exelaration helps businesses bring outdated software to the modern age. We use cutting-edge technologies and best practices to replace antiquated systems with more efficient, user-friendly, and lower maintenance solutions. Benchmark tests have shown our code to reduce maintenance costs by over 80%.

Enterprise Applications

Our experts build custom software to satisfy the unique business needs of organizations across industries, from businesses and associations to schools to federal entities. From concept to deployment, Exelaration’s team designs enterprise applications to meet your requirements and simplify your critical business processes and functions.

Ecommerce Applications

From simple digital storefronts to complex inventory and reporting systems, Exelaration gives businesses a leg up on their competition by delivering elegant and engaging ecommerce solutions. We have experience optimizing your ecommerce experience around your customers’ needs.

Mobile Applications

We understand what it takes to build solutions that need to work and deploy elegantly in native, browser, and mobile environments. Our Agile expertise means we bring features to life quickly, release after release, while ensuring your application breezes through the rigorous acceptance process and is published quickly.

Third Party Applications

Our clients commonly engage Exelaration to replace third-party apps, or to build interfaces to and from them. Whether it’s a payment API, a learning management system, or a distributed ledger platform, we’ll get it connected.

MVP Development Startups

There’s a reason we’re called “startup whisperers.” Exelaration frequently serves as the fractional CTO to startups who engage us to deliver an early version of a game-changing product. We know how to serve entrepreneurs as their trusted tech partner, getting the essential features or a proof-of-concept into your customer’s hands quickly and cost effectively.


Winning at IT means pushing feature-rich code out frequently and flawlessly. Our DevOps experts achieve permanent success for our clients by delivering three things: quality, security, and, most importantly, a changed mindset. Our teams bring mature DevOps practices and environments to clients through infrastructure-as-code and CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous delivery).

Agile Solutions

Every Exelaration project is built using Agile and Scrum best practices. We welcome frequent feedback from our customer Product Owners to drive maximum value in every sprint. Curious about Agile for your own team? We’re happy to introduce these practices to you as well.

Our Clients Include: