Our Work

Our solutions have saved lives in the medical sector, made renewable energy possible, advanced transportation safety practices, and more.

Every tech project is unique, and Exelaration understands your product vision and creates elegant software that dazzles your customers and stakeholders. With decades of experience building custom software for a wide variety of industries, our expert developers bring products to life from planning to deployment. All while training the next generation of technologists.

Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance

The Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance (OCRA) is an organization with a critical mission: to advance the interests of women with ovarian cancer. They share a set of comprehensive metrics to assess how well women are connected to the services they need. However, they needed to showcase the information in an easily digestible and usable format; that’s where we came in. A project manager, visual designer, and developers from Exelaration created a flexible solution that fit OCRA’s needs and budget.

The result was a highly interactive tool that OCRA uses to educate and inspire their patient advocate community and state legislators across the U.S. The backend leveraged Django to manage the database and provide a content management system that is easy for OCRA staff to access and update regularly.

Compressed Gas Association

As their legacy system became less and less user-friendly, Compressed Gas Association (CGA) engaged Exelaration to address these challenges, with the ultimate goal of advancing product offerings and increasing customer satisfaction. We reduced CGA’s in-house developed management system from six different software products to one single portal. By using modern architectural design, Exelaration developed a new, streamlined user interface (UI) and normalized databases that improved usability, eliminated tedious workflows, and reduced errors.

As a direct result of our work to increase the reliability of the system, CGA saw an 83% reduction in maintenance costs. Having worked together since 2013, CGA has now outsourced their full software needs to Exelaration. A complete case study of our impact on CGA can be found here.

Peace Corps

For more than five decades, Peace Corps volunteers have been fighting hunger and disease and improving access to technology around the world. However, as they looked to recruit new volunteers a critical problem surfaced: their website was stuck in the past. Exelaration delivered a full refresh of the Peace Corps’ website backend, enabling it automatically update volunteer openings within their applicant tracking systems, synchronizing work for the recruiting and website teams and putting an end to repetitious data entry.

We also updated the donation portal, including enhancements to frontend design as well as a backend update to a new payment processor which maintains their compliance with federal government data governance. Exelaration delivered both these projects in collaboration with a design and advertising firm engaged by Peace Corps.

BEAM Diagnostics

BEAM Diagnostics quantifies human behavior to better predict patient needs. To improve the user experience for researchers, clinicians, and administrators, Exelaration developed an entirely new custom codebase. This one-of-a-kind product improved the ability to engage with data and deliver critical results and insights in a timely fashion while also increasing maintainability and security. The architecture is fully extensible and data-driven, eliminating the need for software changes when researchers seek to modify question and interview protocol.

Exelaration also added dynamic controls, enabling users to run experiments without need for continued developer support. For example, we built functionality for users to download collated datasets with scoring information directly. Exelaration also improved the handling of data encoding to empower simpler statistics workflows.

Hungry Catering

Hungry, whose app connects people to talented local chefs, tapped into the power of Exelaration to refine their software test suite and improve developer workflow. The Exelaration team worked closely with Hungry’s internal developers to improve the application’s test suite by refactoring to conform to best-practices, update missing and incomplete test coverage, and ease the workload on Hungry’s internal testing staff. Now, they can focus on refining their automation process and feature development.

We also produced an MVP containerized development environment that laid the groundwork for multiple advances. New developer on-boarding is simplified by automating many of the steps, readying new developers to contribute sooner and giving them a better understand of Hungry’s entire application and all its services.

“Exelaration team members, and the Agile processes they use, helped us clarify our goals, troubleshoot problems, and create a final product that was continuously responsive to the project’s shifting goals. I was impressed by the quick turnaround of workflows and saw how frequent updates and feedback allowed the team to refine objectives and deliver results.”

– James Harder, Product Owner

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