Our Work

Our solutions have saved lives in the medical sector, made renewable energy possible, advanced transportation safety practices, and more.

Every tech project is unique, and Exelaration understands your product vision and creates elegant software that dazzles your customers and stakeholders. With decades of experience building custom software for a wide variety of industries, our expert developers bring products to life from planning to deployment. All while training the next generation of technologists.

Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance

Using exhaustive metrics, the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance assessed how well women are connected to the services they need. However, showcasing this data in an easily digestible format proved challenging. That’s where Exelaration comes in.

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Compressed Gas Association

As their legacy system became less and less user-friendly, Compressed Gas Association engaged Exelaration to address these challenges, with the ultimate goal of advancing product offerings and increasing customer satisfaction.

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Peace Corps

As the Peace Corps looked to recruit new volunteers, a critical problem surfaced: their website was stuck in the past. Exelaration delivered a full refresh, making the system easier for both applicants and recruiters.

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BEAM Diagnostics

BEAM Diagnostics quantifies human behavior to better predict patient needs. Exelaration improved the experience for their researchers, clinicians, and administrators with an entirely new custom code base.

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Hungry Catering

Hungry, whose app connects people to talented local chefs, recruited Exelaration to refine their software test suite and improve developer workflow, easing the workload of Hungry’s internal staff.

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Rhythm Energy

Rhythm Energy’s mission is to help save the planet by supplying Texas residents with 100% renewable green electricity. To keep their mission and websites running, Exelaration works as a fully-integrated part of the Rhythm team.

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As an Agile firm ourselves, Exelaration is proud to work with ICAgile, whose goal is to create learning opportunities that ignites business Agility across organizations. We aid this goal by improving their website functionality.

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As the volume of data grows exponentially, KalriVis works to unearth transformative data that can better businesses. Exelaration works to help KlariVis foster a great user experience. 

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Exelaration supports ArchiveCore’s mission of providing secure credentialing by ensuring they are up-to-date with the latest blockchain protocol.

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American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG)

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists engaged Exelaration to convert their cumbersome membership renewal processes into a streamlined, automated operation.

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“Exelaration team members, and the Agile processes they use, helped us clarify our goals, troubleshoot problems, and create a final product that was continuously responsive to the project’s shifting goals. I was impressed by the quick turnaround of workflows and saw how frequent updates and feedback allowed the team to refine objectives and deliver results.”

– James Harder, Product Owner

Our Clients Include: