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The Next Generation of Technologists Is Closer Than You Think

At the Exelaration Center (XC) in the heart of Virginia Tech’s campus, we are addressing the future of technology firsthand by inviting the next wave of innovative minds to provide value on federal, commercial and nonprofit projects spanning industries and use cases while keeping the cost to the client low. OCNA, CGA, and Motley Fool are just a few of the organizations that have seen the XC deliver high-quality technology solutions at a lower cost within the federal, commercial and non-profit sectors.

Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance

The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance is an organization with a critical mission: to advance the interests of women with ovarian cancer. They share a set of metrics, 50 States of Teal: Ovarian Cancer Across America, to assess how well women are connected to the services they need. However, they needed to showcase the information in an easily digestible and usable format; that’s where we came in. A project manager, visual designer, and developers from Exelaration created a flexible solution that fit OCRNA’s needs and budget.

Learn how Exelaration helped improve ovarian cancer outcomes through education and policy.

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Compressed Gas Association

Since 1913, the Compressed Gas Association has been dedicated to the development and promotion of safety standards and safe practices in the industrial gas industry. As their legacy system became less and less user-friendly, CGA reached out to Exelaration to address these challenges through a number of improvements, ultimately with the aim of advancing product offerings and increasing customer satisfaction.

Learn how Exelaration optimized user experience for over 5000 CGA members while decreasing maintenance costs.

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“Exelaration team members, and the Agile processes they use, helped us clarify our goals, troubleshoot problems, and create a final product that was continuously responsive to the project’s shifting goals. I was impressed by the quick turnaround of workflows and saw how frequent updates and feedback allowed the team to refine objectives and deliver results.”

– James Harder, Product Owner at Virginia Tech

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