Meet the Exelaration Team

Steve Cooper

Founder & CEO

With over 30 years’ experience in technology consulting, Steve Cooper has founded three successful companies whose clients include Fortune 100 companies, leading federal agencies, and world-class non-profit organizations. Starting his career as one of the first relational database experts, Steve’s focus is helping individuals achieve exceptional careers, and helping leaders build organizations around them. He founded NextUp Solutions to focus on transformative learning for teams and individuals. Steve is a vocal leader in the effort to invite more diverse and abundant participants to the technology workplace through internships and experiential learning.

Allen Tuggle

VP, Client Engagement & Delivery

Allen Tuggle is an Agile-enthusiast and software development mentor. He has more than 20 years of experience in the software industry, and as the VP of Client Engagement & Delivery at Exelaration, he coaches young professionals in the art of dazzling clients by producing and delivering high-quality software.


Expertise: C#, Design Patterns, JavaScript, RESTful APIs, Relational Databases, SOLID Principles, TDD, VB.NET

Matt McHugh

VP, Mentoring & Growth

Matt is an experienced developer with a passion for software development and Agile best practices. For the last 10 years, he has been sharing that passion with others as a trainer and mentor, working with developers of all skill levels. By day, he’s working to train the next generation of enthusiastic software developers at Exelaration, and by night he’s building Legos or playing Minecraft with his son. In his free time, Matt is an avid singer, instrumentalist, golfer, and runner.


Expertise: C#, Python, Java, JavaScript, RESTful APIs, Relational Databases, SOLID Principles, TDD, Containerization, Mentoring/Teaching

Andrew Lindberg

Senior Software Development Mentor

Andrew has been working in the software industry for over a decade and joined Exelaration as a consultant and mentor in 2017. His favorite part of the job is learning new technology together with his apprentices and helping them navigate the transition from student to professional. His favorite language is Python and he is a Linux and open source enthusiast. He lives in Roanoke with his wife and two children. He earned his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and picked up quite a lot of biology along the way while his wife earned her PhD in infectious diseases. He is extremely curious about all kinds of science and very slightly less so about all manner of other things.


Expertise: C#, containers, Javascript, Linux, Python, SQL

Amy Baldwin

Partnership Engineer

Amy Baldwin brings over 10 years of creating connections and partnerships in the startup sphere to Exelaration. She is the person who will chat you up in the elevator about rescue dogs, music, and science trivia (or possibly the cool socks you have on). Amy also believes that the art of tech is the people and success is measured in quality relationships and service.


Our Clients Include: