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World-class organizations trust Exelaration to build world-class software. Our expert development teams engineer quality solutions for businesses of all sizes seeking to level up their business.

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Our Solutions

Best Practice Software Solutions

Our solutions reduce the overall time and cost of maintenance, with our code running up to 80% more efficiently than the code we’ve inherited.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Led by expert engineers, our teams deliver world-class software for our clients with up to 30% cost savings thanks to our unique business model.

Building Your Talent Pipeline

We’re the training ground for the best early career developers. That’s why our alumni’ retention rate is 80% higher than their peers.

Closing the Tech Talent Gap

With our added workforce, our clients can complete their most pressing projects on time while we work to solve the nation’s tech talent shortage.

We understand business’ unique tech challenges. Then we solve them.   

Federal, commercial, and nonprofit organizations utilize Exelaration’s unique model to deliver superior long-term software solutions at a lower cost. Organizations looking to check off their IT to-do list, save money on their projects, or build a tech talent pipeline are perfect partners for Exelaration.

Our Work

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Exelaration’s 2022 Rankings

#2for Tech and Engineering

#3for Mentoring & Training

#6for Overall Diversity

#4for Software Development

#9for Real-Life Experience

#15for Best Internship Overall

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