Preview Your Developer Career

A Deeper Dive into Working in Tech

Exelaration’s cooperative learners are undergraduate students that work as full-time team members, building software solutions for clients while putting everything they’ve learned at school into action. Co-ops step outside the classroom for a totally immersive preview into working full-time in the tech field.


All Exelaration learners are paid to work on real client projects under the mentorship of friendly professional developers. As teams, our learners develop software and grow their skills programming languages like C#, .NET, Java, Python, and Ruby. They also learn database skills, Agile software development practices, test-driven development principles, and professional workplace habits. Upon completion of the program, Exelaration alumni can confidently enter the tech workforce with authentic developer experience.

To be eligible for an co-op with Exelaration, you must:

  • Be at least 16 years old
  • Be able to commute to an Exelaration Center in Blacksburg, VA, or Raleigh, NC.
  • Be registered and approved by your school’s co-op program
  • Commit to working full-time (40 hours/week) for 16-20 weeks
  • Maintain enrollment and a 3.0 or higher GPA at a university

Our 2022 Firsthand rankings

Each year, Exelaration learners provide feedback based on their experiences in categories such as work/life balance, diversity, mentoring, compensation, and more. In 2022, Exelaration was ranked the:

  • #2 Best Tech & Engineering Internship
  • #3 Best Internships for Training & Mentoring
  • #4 Best Internships for Software Engineering & Development
  • #6 for Racial and Ethnic Diversity
  • #9 Best Internship for Real Life Experience
  • #16 Internship Overall

See our full rankings on Firsthand.

Featured Co-Op

Gabriel Ovalle
Gabriel Ovalle is currently an Exelaration intern in Blacksburg, VA. Taking a gap semester from the University of Cincinnati, Gabriel joined Exelaration because it was something he had never done before. He believes Exelaration’s process to be interesting and enjoys being a part of such a professional setting.

“As a co-op learner, I can fully focus on working or studying without having to divide my attention. Being at Exeleration full-time prepares me for later full-time working conditions, and other companies recognize that. On top of that, it does so without hampering my studies, which is a major plus. ”

“This experience has prepared me the best for my career; it’s a real job and more valuable than my schoolwork. Exelaration is the perfect bridge from college to the real world: real job, real clients, real problems. It’s is a great opportunity to put these skills to the test with an actual client.”

– Tate Wilhelm, Exelaration Student Team Member

Our Clients Include: