Virtual Recruiting: An Exelaration Team Member Perspective

by | Apr 20, 2020 | Exelaration

No one was planning for a global pandemic to happen this spring. Especially not over spring break (the first one, that is) when I was enjoying the sunset in Myrtle Beach!...

The Biggest Problem with the Tech Talent Pipeline (and How to Fix It)

by | Feb 19, 2020 | Exelaration

The biggest crisis in the tech world today has been well-documented, and it’s even larger than you think. The tech talent shortage is growing exponentially as the demand for experienced technologists...

Must-Have Skills Tech Students Need Before Graduating

by | Feb 03, 2020 | Exelaration

How do you deliver professional, high quality, easy-to-maintain code to your customers and clients if your team doesn’t even know what professional, high quality, easy-to-maintain code really means? You don’t! It’s...

Seven Tips for Getting Hired in the Tech Industry

by | Jan 22, 2020 | Exelaration

Technology is always changing, and will always be booming. That’s because it represents whatever’s new. Across all tech areas and geographies, the world needs more tech workers, so it’s a great...

Seven Things Every Internship Program Must Have

by | Jan 02, 2020 | Internships

An internship can transform an entry-level professional or student into a job-ready professional. Graduating with a diploma is great, but graduating with a diploma and a resume featuring accomplishments from a...

Three Things You’ll Learn as a Mentor

by | Dec 04, 2018 | Internships

Part 8 of the Series:  Increase Your Stock by Investing in Your Future Mentoring trains mentees and mentors alike. Mentoring creates an environment of growth and will challenge you as a...

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