Digital Service Delivery

Why Forward-Thinking Startups Are Outsourcing Their Tech Projects

by | Jun 17, 2021 | Digital Service Delivery

Exelaration partners with lots of companies, but recently we have noticed an undeniable shift in our client base. A new type of client has emerged – the startup – and it’s...

Three Ways Digitization Can Help Your Business

by | Feb 04, 2021 | Digital Service Delivery

Chances are you’ve heard about “digitization” for your business, but what does this actually mean? Digitization is simply the transformation of analog data to a digital format. From a business perspective,...

How to Not Be in the Center of a Software Firestorm

by | Feb 07, 2020 | Digital Service Delivery

Writing software is already difficult; writing software fast is near impossible. And yet we perceive companies are doing it all the time when, in fact, they are not.  What makes some...

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