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3 Signs Your Software Project Has Gone Off the Rails

Feb 10, 2023 | Software Solutions

Here’s one of the best ways to waste your investment in business technology: employ an inexperienced, unskilled team that implements half-baked processes for your complex software project that requires careful planning...

Participant Perspective: Tips from a Career Changer

Jan 26, 2023 | Our Mission

By Mital Gajjar, Arlington Talent Pilot Program Participant I came from two different industries before jumping into software development: healthcare and education. Making this big career change was challenging but certainly...

This is No Babysitting Job

Dec 12, 2018 | Our Mission

Final Post of the Series: Increase Your Stock by Investing in Your Future I’m always grateful Excella had the vision to the start the Exelaration Center (XC) in 2008, and for...

The Essential Traits Needed to be a Mentor

Dec 04, 2018 | Our Mission

Part 7 of the Series: Increase your stock by investing in your future What makes a good mentor? This may seem like a simple question and yet, depending on who you ask,...

Invest Now, Not Later: Growing Junior Developers

Oct 30, 2018 | Our Mission

Part Three in the Series: Increase Your Stock by Investing in Your Future Struggling to find qualified candidates for a senior technical position? Your company is not alone. The market for...